Season 2 | Episode 2 | paige engle

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paige engle | september 21, 2017

Paige has been a Francophile since she was 5 years old!  She has done what few others have and turned her passion for France into a successful career.  In addition to loving all things French, she strives to encourage women to safely travel the world by themselves.  So much so that she wrote a book about it!  Paige has found a way to integrate being a wife, mother and successful business owner to create a life that is perfect for her.  She has continued to inspire me since the interview and I have a feeling will also inspire you.   Here is the link to her website, you can e-mail her at and or you can find her on Instagram @ParisByPaige.  Thanks for listening!


During Paige's interview we discussed the below.  Here are links for your reference:


Marie Forleo

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg



Transform via Travel

Ultimate Guide to Safe Travel by Paige Engel