Who knows what week it is-23 dates done!

Sorry for all the lack of updates!  I don't have a lot of individual date details to share.  I have had 23 dates so far and all have been with one guy since my last update.  Adam from Canada (his name isn't Adam BTW) and I have gone on several dates.  I decided about a month ago not to see anyone else besides him.  I wouldn't call him my "boyfriend" or anything but I am not dating anyone else right now.  He is incredly kind, thoughtful and nice.  Everytime I see him, I leave telling myself I can't believe how nice he is.  He is very interesting, cute and smart.  While I am not giving you a lot of updates, I figure this is a big update to share!  Hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend!

Weeks 4, 5 & 6-4 Dates So far!

I have gone on 3 dates over the past 3 weeks! 

Date 2 was with Bummer Bill.  I knew within 10 minutes that the date was going to suck.  He was very boring and not interesting at all.  I was barely able to spend 45 minutes with him.  I had to get out of there before he sucked all the joy out of my soul!  So I quickly ended it and got out of there.  It was the first date that I have ever gone on that it was obvious that I had zero interest in ever seeing them again.  

I had 2 more dates scheduled but had to reschedule because I came down with the flu.  Luckily both guys understood and were cool with rescheduling.

Date 3 was with Michael.  He was the first date I went on this year.  He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met but there isn't any chemistry.  At first I was interested in going on another date with him but I realized I could go on 40 dates with him and would feel the same way.  Super nice guy but he doesn't have much passion for anything.  He doesn't seem like a doer either.  And for anyone who doesn't know me, I rarely watch tv and enjoy doing things!  I want a guy that has some passion and enjoys trying new things and Michael is not like that.  

Date 4 was with John.  John is also very nice!  He is a single dad to a 14 year old boy.  He is pretty nerdy and enjoys playing video games and some card game that I don't understand.  He is pretty introverted and I am definitely not that!  Not second date potential.

So, I consider myself lucky so far to have met 2 very nice guys even though there isn't any long term potential with either.  I have also noticed a common theme where the guys don't ask about me.  I don't want the entire date to be all about me but these guys don't even ask where I am from, what I like to do, etc.  I don't think they are narcissists but more that they are pretty introverted and struggle socially maybe?  Who knows but I want someone who is interested in me!  I think I am pretty interesting!

I am hoping to get another date schedueld this next week before I go out of town for a work conference.  Do you know anyone I should meet??

And here is another great profile that I cam across.



Week 1 Update-43 more dates to go

I had 2 promising dates lined up a couple of days before January 1st.  I was so proud of myself!  Starting off strong!  And then the guys flaked and I never heard from them.  For anyone who is not familar with the online dating apps, you would be surprised how many guys you match with versus how many you communicate with versus how many you eventually go on a date with.  I think it is because the volume of people you are swiping right no, matching with and then trying to communicate with several people at once can be exhausting.  And if you don't respond within a short amount of time it is likely the person has moved on to someone else who is responding at that moment.  The good news is I am communicating with 2 different guys right now and I have a tentative date scheduled for Tuesday night.  I also have my first night of my axe throwing league tonight.  Fingers crossed for a date!  

And because my couple friends love seeing photos of the guys' online profiles I am sharing this one.  Sad part is this one is better than most.  So many shirtless selfies in these guys' profiles.  I mean do these guys not have friends to take a photo of them?  


43 Dates in 2018

For some reason I love challenges.  Some friends have asked me if I just like to torture myself!  I turn 43 on June 30, 2018 and decided in honor of my 43rd birthday that I will go on 43 dates in 2018.  My goal is to find love and I hope that I will meet someone early on and go on forty something dates with the same person but I might not fall in love or he might be my forty-second date. Who knows!  I hope that by having a goal of a certain number of dates that I will stay motivated when I get tired of the online dating.  I will post a few sentences or more about each date here to stay accountable.  Some names might be changed.  I have no idea how this is going to go but I reserve the right to do whatever the hell I want to do on here.  My plan is to be on Bumble, okcupid and Match.  I am also in Tawkify's database.  Tawkify is a match making service and I might hire them at some point so I am trying just being in their database for now.  Do you have any other dating apps you would recommend? I have also joined an axe throwing league.  We went on a work event at this axe throwing place recently and there were lots of guys there!  Any suggestions on groups to join or other hobbies to try?  Wish me luck!