44 dates in 2018

Week 1 Update-43 more dates to go

I had 2 promising dates lined up a couple of days before January 1st.  I was so proud of myself!  Starting off strong!  And then the guys flaked and I never heard from them.  For anyone who is not familar with the online dating apps, you would be surprised how many guys you match with versus how many you communicate with versus how many you eventually go on a date with.  I think it is because the volume of people you are swiping right no, matching with and then trying to communicate with several people at once can be exhausting.  And if you don't respond within a short amount of time it is likely the person has moved on to someone else who is responding at that moment.  The good news is I am communicating with 2 different guys right now and I have a tentative date scheduled for Tuesday night.  I also have my first night of my axe throwing league tonight.  Fingers crossed for a date!  

And because my couple friends love seeing photos of the guys' online profiles I am sharing this one.  Sad part is this one is better than most.  So many shirtless selfies in these guys' profiles.  I mean do these guys not have friends to take a photo of them?