43 Dates in 2018

Who knows what week it is-23 dates done!

Sorry for all the lack of updates!  I don't have a lot of individual date details to share.  I have had 23 dates so far and all have been with one guy since my last update.  Adam from Canada (his name isn't Adam BTW) and I have gone on several dates.  I decided about a month ago not to see anyone else besides him.  I wouldn't call him my "boyfriend" or anything but I am not dating anyone else right now.  He is incredly kind, thoughtful and nice.  Everytime I see him, I leave telling myself I can't believe how nice he is.  He is very interesting, cute and smart.  While I am not giving you a lot of updates, I figure this is a big update to share!  Hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend!

Weeks 4, 5 & 6-4 Dates So far!

I have gone on 3 dates over the past 3 weeks! 

Date 2 was with Bummer Bill.  I knew within 10 minutes that the date was going to suck.  He was very boring and not interesting at all.  I was barely able to spend 45 minutes with him.  I had to get out of there before he sucked all the joy out of my soul!  So I quickly ended it and got out of there.  It was the first date that I have ever gone on that it was obvious that I had zero interest in ever seeing them again.  

I had 2 more dates scheduled but had to reschedule because I came down with the flu.  Luckily both guys understood and were cool with rescheduling.

Date 3 was with Michael.  He was the first date I went on this year.  He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met but there isn't any chemistry.  At first I was interested in going on another date with him but I realized I could go on 40 dates with him and would feel the same way.  Super nice guy but he doesn't have much passion for anything.  He doesn't seem like a doer either.  And for anyone who doesn't know me, I rarely watch tv and enjoy doing things!  I want a guy that has some passion and enjoys trying new things and Michael is not like that.  

Date 4 was with John.  John is also very nice!  He is a single dad to a 14 year old boy.  He is pretty nerdy and enjoys playing video games and some card game that I don't understand.  He is pretty introverted and I am definitely not that!  Not second date potential.

So, I consider myself lucky so far to have met 2 very nice guys even though there isn't any long term potential with either.  I have also noticed a common theme where the guys don't ask about me.  I don't want the entire date to be all about me but these guys don't even ask where I am from, what I like to do, etc.  I don't think they are narcissists but more that they are pretty introverted and struggle socially maybe?  Who knows but I want someone who is interested in me!  I think I am pretty interesting!

I am hoping to get another date schedueld this next week before I go out of town for a work conference.  Do you know anyone I should meet??

And here is another great profile that I cam across.