Weeks 2 & 3-1 Date down & 2 Scheduled

I finally had a date!  One down!  His name is Michael.  I met him on Bumble.  He is a researcher for a state agency and is finishing his Ph.D.  We met at Radio on Thursday night.  I am on a detox of sorts and I feel like it sounds very high maintenance if I say that before we meet so I tried to find a place with alcohol and coffee/tea.  Radio is a perfect first date spot.  They have beer, coffee, tea and live music most nights.  He is cute and nice.  Very chatty but not sure if that is a nervous thing.  He is a couple of years older than me.  He isn't creepy or strange which always makes me have a sigh of relief.  We have a second date on Tuesday night.  I tend to make the first date more about is he strange and creepy.  If not, I am usually open to a second date.  Not many guys have made it from second date to third date though.  I will let everyone know how Tuesday goes!

I have a date today with a guy named Bill.  Bill lives in North Austin so we are meeting halfway between us at a coffee shop.  He is also a couple of years oler than me.  His Bumble profile says he is an Entrepreneur which a lot of my friends and I joke that usually means they don't have a job when they list that.  I don't have many more details.

Because I know my friends in relationships always love seeing a funny profile, I give you the below messaging exchange with Cory.